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Draw Ping Pong – A Game I Threw Together

Update 2-26-2022: an APK package has been released, and I am in the process of putting this on F-Droid.

About two weeks ago, I thought “How about I make a Pong-like game where the users draw their paddle.” That led to looking at a YouTube video where a guy made a simple line drawing game out of the Godot engine. This led to figuring out how to generate a collision polygon along the drawn line (which took way more time than it probably needed). Finally, I married this with the Godot Pong demo, and I came to this beauty.

I have put this on the Github, and it works nicely. If two people want to, they can play it while waiting somewhere, or when they’re bored. But there’s still an issue or two that I have to work out. For one, the collision polygon doesn’t always extend to the full length of the drawn line. That problem stems from limiting the length of the line. For another, the game can only be played in landscape mode for mobile phones. I have tried detecting when a mobile phone changes orientation. But it’s tricky to adjust the assets and other mechanics on the screen.

I have plans to release an APK for Android, and put this on F-Droid. For the Play Store, that’s going to be a while, as I’ll probably have to tweak the game to make it compliant with Google’s standards.

Jason Anderson

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