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Don't I look spiffy

How should I explain myself? I’d want to say “Jack of all trades and master of none,” but I don’t like throwing around phrases like that. I’ll say that I’ve worked in GNU/Linux systems administration, worked part-time in I.T. help desk, studied accounting (also have a BBA in accounting), worked on a few open source projects, thrown video games together (look at my game dev bio list thingy), tinkered with too many gadgets to count, dabbled in the arts, have recorded several how-to videos (just checkout my YouTube channel), and have worked in retail longer than I’d like to admit. All this, and I’m still learning stuff.

I’m changing careers to something in the I.T. security/audit sector. While I am familiar with IPSec, I.S. audit, and general security with regards to technology, there is still so much I need to learn. Around the Internet, I tend to go by the username “Ertain”.

I currently live in the south (i.e. southern U.S.), and I like to pet dogs.

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