About Jason Anderson

Don't I look spiffy

I am a man who’s been working with software and hardware for many years.  I have not necessarily done this as a job; I have not worked in systems administration, nor software development.  What I have done is explored the depths of the GNU/Linux OS, taken apart many open source programs, and pieced together several applications.  I have working knowledge of FLOSS software, but I have also looked at hardware.  Usually what I worked with was desktop machines, their accompanying parts, and office equipment like printers and fax machines.  But more and more I’ve looked at data storage on servers, and have set-up a web server or two.  This is just a subset of my skills and experiences.

I have a Bachelors of Business and Administration in accounting from the University of North Texas.  It is here where I learned how to read the financial statements (as well as write them), how to properly arrange and record the books (such as the general ledger, the fixed assets ledger, the accounts payable ledger, inventory, and so on), and how to analyze these accounts.  In more detail, I have studied the accounting standards, such as those published by the FASB and IFRS. In cost accounting, I have learned about various ways of allocating fixed costs, and how to put together a budget.  With regards to systems of accounting, I have studied how a business can traditionally conduct their accounts, such as issuing invoices, filling out bills, taking inventory, and continually updating the corresponding accounts.  In one of the most well-known parts of accounting, audit, I have learned the basic elements of conducting an audit, the parts of an engagement letter, how to maintain one’s independence, how to conduct a risk assessment, and the details of substantive testing.

With learning all of this, as well as my great interest in technology, I have been pursuing a career in information systems auditing.  I am a step closer to a career in information systems audit because I have passed the CISA exam.  Currently, I am looking for a position where I can gain experience in either audit, or the various parts of accounting, such as accounts payable and accounting for fixed assets.  If I can’t find such a position, I will, instead, look for a position in systems administration.  With this experience, I shall gain my certification, and become an information systems auditor.