Quotes from Jordan Cwang of Linux Game Cast

Jordan Cwang, the Canadian host of Linux Game Cast, has quite a bit of knowledge about, uh, things. He’s worked in I.T., app development, gaming journalism, and lots of other stuff. Here, I’ve compiled some of the most interesting quotes from the stuttering DevOps guy, for your reading pleasure.

Jordan, when asked what he would do if Microsoft offered him $10 million:

Principles are principles. But $20 is $20.


Jordan, commenting on the releases of the game “Artifact” and the social media platform Google+:

Google+ taught us that you can make an excellent product. But if you fuck up the roll-out, no one’s going to use it.


After playing a game which caused him to have motion sickness:

Hot damn, that camera is a little loose!


On getting better at something:

Every time I do it and fail, it’s a practice.


On mentors in the fighting game community:

People want to get into a fighting game community because it helps to have a mentor or someone to teach them the ropes ’cause getting your assed kicked over and over again is an effective way of learning. But it’s not a very efficient way of learning.


Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson has been hacking up computers for nearly 20 years and has been using Linux for over 15 years. Among that, he has a BBA in Accounting. Look him up on Twitter at @FakeJasonA and on Mastodon on @ertain@mast.linuxgamecast.com

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