Starting to Use Pixelfed

I’ve seen more and more decentralized platforms come online. This is a good thing, since the major services (Twitter, Instagram, and whoever) are spying on their users, censoring them, and selling their data. One of these platforms, Pixelfed, looks like a competitor to Instagram. I signed up to one instance, Pixfed, and did some initial posting. Currently, I don’t have many photos that I would like to share. But I probably will in the future. Here’s a taste of my first post.

Ain’t that a nice post? Please note that this is a screenshot.

I’ll admit, trees aren’t the prettiest thing to look at. But I doubt anyone would get offended by them, and they’re something to talk or think about.

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson has been hacking up computers for nearly 20 years and has been using Linux for over 15 years. Among that, he has a BBA in Accounting. Look him up on Twitter at @FakeJasonA and on Mastodon on

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