My System for Applying to Jobs

In my quest to find a better job, I have streamlined my system for finding and applying for job postings.

What I first do is look on Indeed or ZipRecruiter for a position I could fill.

Next I add this to a persistent Note on my Nextcloud instance. This way, I can look at it on my laptop, tablet, or desktop computer later, and check out other facts on the job post at my leisure.

After that, I will take a “template” résumé and edit it to match some of the language in the job posting (in places where I have the required skill).

For instance, if it requires experience with backup systems, I’ll write in that I have worked with backup solutions such as Simple Backup, as well as backing up the data on my webservers.

I save this to a directory which is shared on my Nextcloud instance so that I can, again, edit the résumé on my laptop or desktop computer when I can.

When I am satisfied with this version of my résumé, I apply for the job with that résumé.

Jason Anderson

I'm a man who likes to tinker and learn about things, mainly things of a technical nature. Mostly I work on free and open source software like Linux, but I have other pursuits, such as systems administration, IPsec, and game development. Currently searching for opportunities in the I.T. field.

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