My System for Applying to Jobs

In my quest to find a better job, I have streamlined my system for finding and applying for job postings.

What I first do is look on Indeed or ZipRecruiter for a position I could fill.

Next I add this to a persistent Note on my Nextcloud instance. This way, I can look at it on my laptop, tablet, or desktop computer later, and check out other facts on the job post at my leisure.

After that, I will take a “template” résumé and edit it to match some of the language in the job posting (in places where I have the required skill).

For instance, if it requires experience with backup systems, I’ll write in that I have worked with backup solutions such as Simple Backup, as well as backing up the data on my webservers.

I save this to a directory which is shared on my Nextcloud instance so that I can, again, edit the résumé on my laptop or desktop computer when I can.

When I am satisfied with this version of my résumé, I apply for the job with that résumé.

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson has been hacking up computers for nearly 20 years and has been using Linux for over 15 years. Among that, he has a BBA in Accounting and a Linux+ certification. Look him up on Twitter at @FakeJasonA and on Mastodon on

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