Block Wars

Block Wars is a local multiplayer (online multiplayer is being considered) game where the players play as e-Celebs who fight in procedurally generated arenas. They shoot at each other with a variety of weaponry so as to get the most kills and please the audience. In each arena, the players can rack up points for each kill they make. This starts a combo meter, which they can boost by doing things to appease the player’s in-game fans. This includes using the weapon their fans enjoy seeing, setting off fireworks, doing stunts, and much more. The player with the most points wins.


  • Fast shooter action
  • Quirky characters
  • Procedurally generated arenas
  • Faux fan admiration
  • Combo system


Block Wars (Beta) - Title screen and character select screen

The first beta video of the game Block Wars, recorded on November 15, 2019. This is a demonstration of a simple title screen and a character select screen. Twitter: Mastodon:

Block Wars (Beta) - Four players with one shooting test

Video showing off a single character shooting, along with the (possible) four-player setup. Recorded on November 18, 2019. Twitter: Mastodon: Blog: https://www.jasonsb...

Block Wars (Beta) - Shooting and dodge mechanics

Demonstration of original shooting mechanic and dodging mechanic. Recorded on December 20, 2019. Twitter: Mastodon: Blog:

Block Wars (Beta) - Sample guns and shooting

Development footage of Block Wars. In this video, guns (raygun and spread gun) are shown off in a test map. May have some loud sounds. Originally recorded April 22, 2020. Twitter: Mastodon: https://mast.linuxgame...

Block Wars (Beta) - Procedural arena - tests and demonstration

This is footage for the game currently in development called Block Wars. This shows some of the test maps generated in-game. The final product will have procedurally generated arenas. For now, though, these tests will have to suffice. Recorded ...

Block Wars (Beta) - Two-player test

This is a test of the two-player option in Block Wars, a multiplayer game being developed with the Godot engine. Twitter: Mastodon: Blog:

Block Wars (Beta) - Music, collectibles, and shooting

Beta footage of one of the playable characters, Craig, collecting ammo and shooting at stuff. The music playing is called "Blazer Rail" from DL Sounds (, used under license: This is ...

Block Wars [Beta] - Strolling through the test arena

Test footage of the character "Bob" walking through this test arena, collecting power-ups and shooting stuff. Note that this isn't a final arena, and that it is subject to change. This is the game Block Wars, a local multiplayer game being deve...

Block Wars [Beta] - Glitched gun and trick shotting

Trying to debug the goo launching weapon and had fun with it. This is the game Block Wars, a local multiplayer game being developed on the Godot engine ( Footage originally recorded on September 16, 2020. Twitte...