My Interests This Week podcast – Episode 8

In this episode, I talk about putting server tech into a tiny computer, and I also talk about how I helped put a guy way for 10 years. Episode covers the week ended November 14, 2020.

Show notes

Putting ZFS on a Raspberry Pi NAS.

  • Learned this from a guy who was asking on Mastodon.
  • While the instructions are in broken English, it looks like their scripts will work.
  • I haven’t built the NAS yet.
  • The thing is, ZFS generally requires a bunch of RAM to use (at least use properly). More precisely, 1GB of RAM for each 1TB of storage.
  • Still, it looks like ZFS is usable on a more recent Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB or more of RAM. Also, it’s not as though I need to have a Raspberry Pi available all the time (though it would come in handy).
  • RAID may be overkill for this one. I have been thinking of creating a backup server, though.
    • RAID is unnecessary for backups, as RAID is meant for two things: higher availability and greater throughput.

How I helped put a guy away for ten years

  • I keep getting calls from the state corrections board because I helped put a thief in prison 10 years ago.
  • I’m working at a check stand, and some guy in a tank top and a skull tattoo tries to buy a toothbrush.
  • I ring him up, and he snatches a bunch of money from the register.
  • I run after him, grabbing him twice, yet he gets to his truck.
  • I get to his truck and I grab him again. He tells his accomplice to gun it and I’m thrown a few feet away.
  • I get a few bruises and scrapes.
  • Some customers ask whether I’m okay.
  • The guy was eventually caught and sent to prison.
  • After that, I receive letters every six months for over ten years about the guy.
  • He finally gets paroled, and I don’t know what happened to him.

Podcast theme by Kevin Hartnell under the CC 4.0 license.

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson has been hacking up computers for nearly 20 years and has been using Linux for over 15 years. Among that, he has a BBA in Accounting. Look him up on Twitter at @FakeJasonA and on Mastodon on

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