My Interests This Week podcast – episode 6

This week, I talk about where I’m not a good fit for volunteering (and where I am), thoughts of starting my own business, and progress on my game Block Wars.

Show notes

  • Job interview
  • Interviewed for a volunteer position at a church. While it was an assistant accounting position, it was something.
  • Since my education is in accounting, this probably wouldn’t have been too difficult to pull off: count the donations to the church, accrue some of the expenses, input invoices into whatever accounting system they have, and maybe do some payroll.
  • Found out they want someone who is dedicated to their mission, and believes heavily in the teachings of Christ.
  • I’m not religious (Lord knows I’m not a spiritual man), so I was honest with them, and we ended the interview quickly.
  • It can be hard, sometimes, to find volunteer work when most of the not-for-profit organizations around here are faith-based, and I’m almost atheist.
  • Starting my own business
  • What service would I provide? Can’t consult on network design, don’t have the experience for audit, can’t manage people’s books, and definitely can’t do people’s taxes.
  • Can’t provide any goods, either. Don’t know anything about manufacturing (let alone supply chain management). Don’t have a work shop to build anything.
  • I only know bits and pieces of a business. I know where the money should come from (the customer), and I know how to handle it. But developing a product to sell is tough. I don’t really know of any new trends in markets which I could take advantage of and turn into some kind of product.
  • For instance, I know that the Internet of Things (IoT) is still a growing market. But what could I do with that? I don’t know how to design and manufacture an IoT device, nor do I know of a company which can build them.
  • Game progress
  • Still developing the random arena generator. Need to figure out how to tidy up the arena modules after it’s been generated because the method I use (which is currently a secret) leaves unnecessary models lying around.
  • Local multiplayer is slowly coming along. I have designed it so that the test area loads after the character selection.
  • Damage mechanics work, but the death and respawn mechanics need to be debugged.
  • Looking into online multiplayer. I may use Nakama for the server. Since server upkeep can be expensive, though, I may go with a client-to-client model of online multiplayer.

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Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson has been hacking up computers for nearly 20 years and has been using Linux for over 15 years. Among that, he has a BBA in Accounting. Look him up on Twitter at @FakeJasonA and on Mastodon on

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