My Interests This Week podcast – episode 5

This week, I talk about why some companies don’t want to upgrade to new shiny things, and some of the data that ad companies are taking off your mobile phone.

Show notes

Why some companies don’t upgrade their systems and infrastructure
  1. They may not need to upgrade their systems. Therefore, a good business case is necessary for an upgrade.
  2. It can be quite expensive. New machines, new versions, and/or training takes time and money.
  3. The old version still works. The company has been using that software for a long time, and it still works for whatever they do.
What information does your mobile phone give to companies?
  • When a user consents to using the application and services of a company on their smart phone, the user usually is allowing the company to use their data however they want.
  • Data collected includes name, address, date of birth, location (via GPS), browsing habits, whether you live with children, or what language you speak. (Source)
  • Powerful algorithms are used to transform this data into a profile of you. These can be used for targeted advertising, or other things like predicting the user’s political affiliation.
  • More to read:

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Jason Anderson

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